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Our Featured Clients are Give Get Donate, Liberty Path, Wise Rides, The Bell Tower on 34th

Give Get Donate is an organization which facilitates the donation of goods and services as well as collecting donations for our members. Our primary focus is our members and local communities by reducing waste, recycling and giving back to them. With a commitment to educating kids and teaching them lifelong skills such as negotiation, leadership, people skills, recycling, and giving back to the local community. Students benefit by donating and supporting their school.

Liberty Path is a non-profit organization which does not focus on finances but rather focuses on people. We are not concerned if you don't have health insurance, we are more interested in providing a pathway to freedom which has been lost. Regardless of your personal situation and by working together, our professionals can guide you on a Journey of Hope. At Liberty Path our counsellors will assist you to overcome addictions, get through painful grief and to help you enhance and restore relationships.

Wise Rides was co-founded in October 2014 and is the nationwide marketplace for used vehicles. Our role is to educate buyers who are unsure of the used vehicle market. Wise Rides also works closely with local independent honest car dealers, as well as our partners which service the used vehicle market.

The Bell Tower on 34th is an established venue which caters for weddings, corporate events and as well as social events. We have been rated and awarded the winner of "Top Venues in America" thirteen times and have received numerous reviews and ratings from our happy guests and clients. The venue is a spectacular one of a kind destination which is located strategically right in the middle of Houston.


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